Past Judges

12 Inches of Sin is grateful to our judges who helped define the overall narratives for the juried art exhibition.

Alexander Donskoi (Russia) is the curator of Tochka-G Museum in St. Petersburg. 

Aurore Giguet (USA) is the Executive Director for the Everhart Museum in Scranton.

Betty Dodson (USA) is an artist and sex educator in New  York City.

Brent Mizel (USA) is the owner of the online art gallery specializing in modern pinup artwork in Las Vegas.

Catherine Johnson-Roehr (USA) is the former curator and archivist for The Kinsey Institute in Bloomington.

Cory Mervis (USA) is a multi disciplinary artist, entrepreneur, and producer of large-scale projects in Las Vegas.  

Christine Fey (USA) is the former Manager of Arts and Culture for the City of Reno.

Crimson Rose (USA) is an artist and co-founder of Burning Man LLC in San Francisco.

Fang Fu Ruan (Taiwan) is a leading sex educator and author.

Hans Van der Kamp (Netherlands) is a photographer and founder of the World Museum of Erotic Art in Amsterdam.

Jerry Vile (USA) is an artist, publisher and co-founder of the Dirty Show in Detroit.

JK Russ (New Zealand/USA) is a multi-media artist, filmmaker and art blogger for The Huffington Post in Las Vegas.

JP Rakehorn (UK/Greece) is an artist specializing in figurative illustrations utilizing classical techniques in London.

Julian Murphy (USA) is an artist and co-founder of Erotic Signature in Baltimore.

Laura Henkel (USA) is the director of Sin City Gallery and the creator of 12 Inches of Sin in Las Vegas.

Lucio Bubacco (Italy) is a glass artisan specializing in miniature provocative works of art in Murano .

Marne Lucas (USA) is a photographer and filmmaker residing in Portland and New York City.

Melinda Sheckells (USA) is a published writer and editor of Vegas Seven Magazine in Las Vegas.

Militancia Erotic (Italy) is an art collective.

Oscar Goodman (USA) is the former Mayor of Las Vegas.

Richard Schemmerer (Germany) is an artist and art blogger in Munich.

Sadie Allison (USA) is an author and the founder of Tickle Kitty in San Francisco.

Scott Dickensheets (USA) is the co-editor of Desert Companion Magazine in Las Vegas.

Sister Loosy Lust Bea Lady (USA) is the founder the Las Vegas chapter of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Tony Mitchell (United Kingdom) is the founder of The Fetishistas in London.